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Comprehensive Logistics Analysis

Reducing your cost of delivery while improving patient care

During many years of providing medical delivery services to a variety of medical facilities, we realized that changes in the healthcare industry were placing new demands on patient care and profitability, requiring healthcare providers to improve the performance of their delivery and logistics operations while reducing costs at the same time.

The most frequent problems we observed were …

  • Cost of medical deliveries are too high or exceeding budgets
  • Difficult to recruit and retain quality delivery personnel
  • Healthcare organizations constrained hiring freezes creating the inability to manage the peaks and valleys of the demand
  • Lack of systems and metrics for knowing how well delivery personnel are performing
  • No auditing program to manage driver performance

To solve these issues and support healthcare providers help with improving quality of care and profitability, Medgistix created a suite of logistics and delivery resources customized for the healthcare industry. Healthcare logistics and delivery are all we do.

The Solution – A Healthcare Centric Third-Party Delivery and Logistics System

You get access to a scalable, 24/7/365, local and regional delivery operations staffed by quality drivers. Our experienced logistics and delivery team are dedicated to getting specimens, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical equipment and supplies to the right destination on-time every time.

In addition, you get a network of warehouses and an integrated delivery software system to reduce redundancies in investments in vehicles, equipment, people and inventories. This gives healthcare a greater visibility of information about performance, delivery status and cost.

Learn how this can become a reality for you – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.