A Solution for Deliveries during non-traditional times … and more

  • Are you having difficulty and/or spending too much to support delivery demands during non-traditional hours?
  • Do packaging and labeling problems create re-work and wrong deliveries?
  • Are some insurance reimbursements at risk due to inadequate handling of delivery paperwork?
  • Do unlocked vehicles and mismanaged paperwork cause some anxiety over HIPPA compliance requirements?

Eliminate these challenges by utilizing Medgistix pharma delivery services. Utilizing many years of experience delivering thousands of products from pharmaceutical facilities to healthcare organizations and patients, you’ll get trained resources and proven processes to exceed the demands of your customers.

Solutions for commercial pharmacies

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
Medgistix brings the following solutions to commercial pharmacies

  • 24/7/365 delivery staffing personnel and resources to support demand during normal and non-traditional delivery times
  • Delivery management personnel located at your site, if required, to ensure your pharmaceutical delivery demands are meet
  • Real time visibility of delivery statuses via Medgistix systems interface, providing you daily/weekly/whenever performance metrics
  • Image capture of delivery paperwork and other tracking methods to ensure regulatory compliance, patient confidentiality and insurance reimbursements
  • Driver audit programs, and recommendations of best practices for packaging procedures

You can get the peace-of-mind that pharmaceutical deliveries will be done on time, and meet compliance and insurance reimbursement requirements. You’ll have confidence in the people and practices that have supported highly effective delivery services for the healthcare field for many years.

Learn more about how commercial pharmacies can get better delivery performance in a more cost effective way – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.