Resources to lower healthcare delivery costs and expand your organization

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
  • Looking to lower your cost of healthcare delivery and logistics?
  • Are you looking to expand geographically but concerned about the capital outlay to achieve it?
  • Are you experiencing inventory management challenges or not getting medical deliveries done on time?

You can achieve lower costs, and get your deliveries done on time more consistently than ever. An optimized footprint of warehouse operations can support your organization’s ability to get deliveries done on time, improve your management of inventories and put you in a position to expand in a profitable way without huge outlays for capital investments.

A Network of Local and Regional Warehouses

With a combination of services from Medgistix you’ll get …

  • A network of regional and local warehouses aligned to your specific business objectives and requirements for healthcare delivery performance and patient care
  • Lower cost solutions by taking advantage of a third-party network that operates at a lower cost than most healthcare facilities
  • The ability to expand more quickly, easily and cost effectively without huge outlays for buildings and operations set up
  • Reduced cost of deliveries by taking into consideration delivery time, weight, destination for each type of delivery
  • Higher and faster fulfillment of spare parts for medical equipment

Learn more about how a network of warehouses managed by Medgistix can support your patient care requirements and overall business objectives – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.