Lower Your Costs for Delivering Medical Devices & Equipment

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
  • Is it challenging to get medical devices and supplies to your patients’ homes in a timely manner?
  • Are your delivery costs more than what they should be but you are uncertain how to lower them?
  • Are shipping demands from purchases online creating situations where you have to find an alternative solution for timely and cost-effective delivery?

You can get a comprehensive shipping and delivery solution form Medgistix that combines a regional/local warehouse network with the most cost effective ground carrier resources available. The end result is your ability to get medical and equipment supplies to your facilities and patients’ homes in the most cost effective manner.

Integrated System that Exceeds Your Delivery Requirements at a Lower Cost

The Medgistix integrated delivery system provides you …

  • A regional/local warehouse network that is able to get devices and supplies delivered to your destinations on time
  • Economical arrangements with ground carriers able to make local deliveries in the most cost effective way
  • A coordinated program with ecommerce sellers that provides delivery fulfillment services in a manner in which you can feel confident your customers are getting served well

Find out how an integrated warehouse and ground carrier network can provide you the timely and economical delivery services you need – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.