Meet your medical delivery requirements at the lowest possible cost

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
  • Looking to lower your cost of healthcare delivery and logistics?
  • Are you struggling to manage your driver payroll costs due to variations in demand and off-hours deliveries?
  • Are delivery and logistics issues preventing you from devoting the mental and physical resources necessary to delivery outstanding patient care

Reduce your delivery and logistics costs, and eliminate the headaches associated with recruiting and retaining qualified drivers. Get the information you need to ensure your deliveries are meeting your patient care and customer service requirements. Medgistix provides a comprehensive solution to make all this happen.

Comprehensive Delivery and Route Management Solution

With a comprehensive medical delivery and logistics solution from Medgistix, you’ll get …

  • Delivery resources that enable you to meet delivery requirements and manage the peaks and valleys of demand
  • Information about the status of deliveries and performance of drivers enabling you to more easily manage the entire medical delivery operation
  • More accessible information about delivery costs so you can meet budget requirements and improve operations
  • Less time required to manage deliveries so more attention can be applied to customer service and patient care

Learn more about how a comprehensive delivery and route management system provided by Medgistix and improve medical delivery performance, reduce costs and enable you to focus on patient care – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.