Reduce Your Delivery Costs by Eliminating the Peaks and Valleys of Demand

Reduce Your Delivery Costs by Eliminating the Peaks and Valleys of Demand
  • Are the peaks and valleys of deliveries causing you stress and difficulty managing costs?
  • Is it difficult to staff delivery personnel during off-hours?
  • Do you end up having too many or too few qualified drivers on your payroll to meet delivery requirements?
  • Do you have any concerns about delivery drivers complying with HIPPA and other healthcare requirements?

Utilizing a partner organization experienced and specializing in warehouse and deliver services for healthcare providers, you can get round-the-clock delivery operations with complete confidence that your timelines and compliance requirements will be met.

Solutions for healthcare laboratories

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
Medgistix brings the following solutions to various laboratory operations that support healthcare providers:

  • 24/7/365 delivery driver staffing to ensure your customers and patients get their deliveries on time, regardless of the time of day
  • Delivery management personnel at your location after hours, if required, to ensure on-time – every time deliveries
  • Temporary route coverage with couriers and drivers trained on your processes
  • Driver audit program – random, 24/7 audits of vehicles for regulatory compliance, security and driver appearance
  • Fulfillment from centralized warehouses to improve inventory management
  • Real time visibility of delivery statuses via Medgistix systems interface, providing you daily/weekly/whenever performance metrics
  • Easy supply replenishment by logging into a web-based portal

You and your organization get the tools and expertise necessary to get deliveries to your customers and patients on time, while keeping your costs in check and meeting compliance requirements. Medgistix has the experience and resources to make that happen for you.

Learn more about how healthcare related laboratories can get better performance from your delivery operations and improve customer service – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.