Get Your Costs and Delivery Performance Under Control

Get Your Costs and Delivery Performance Under Control
  • Are your logistics and delivery costs as low as they can be without affecting patient care?
  • Is managing the ebb and flow of the patient care difficult to staff for?
  • Are you having trouble finding and keeping good drivers?
  • Do you have the information or systems you need to ensure deliveries are getting to the right destination on time?
  • Are you getting unsatisfactory scores in your department as it delivering items to patients or other patient caregivers?

You and your people don’t need to experience these challenges while they are doing their best to provide quality patient care and build a reputation for your organization.

Solutions for hospital systems

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
Medgistix brings the following solutions to hospital systems:

  • Holistically looking at the logistics over your entire health care system vs. just departmental by managing and consolidating resources and in a unified way
  • Provides your organization a 24/7 delivery and logistics solution that meets your budget and patient care requirements
  • Gives you real time visibility to performance metrics and delivery status whenever and wherever you are
  • Providing scalable coverage of resources that can flex as your business volume fluctuates, creating a variable expense versus fixed ones with equipment, people and buildings
  • Centralizes your call center and dispatch requirements organization-wide to reduce costs and improve performance
  • Improves HIPPA compliance through compliance auditing, document handling procedures, and vehicle security of goods and paperwork that can potentially expose patient information
  • Provide centralized distribution through our network of local and regional warehouses (link to page) of your equipment and critical supplies in multiple markets or regions. This helps to reduce your overhead and operating expenses as you expand in other markets

Medgistix solutions enable your people to effectively manage logistics costs and performance while they focus their attention on delivering superior patient care, regardless of their role in the organization.

Learn more about how hospital systems can reduce cost and improve care – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.