Excel at getting devices to your customers on-time, every time

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
  • Are you challenged to make urgent and last-minute deliveries of specialized medical devices to your customers?
  • Do off-hour delivery requirements cause problems and/or result in over-staffing of delivery personnel?
  • Are you able to store and track medical device inventories to eliminate losses and minimize inventory investment?
  • Do you have your medical device inventories at the right places in order to fulfill needs for all your customers, regardless of their locations?

Get better control of your expensive medical device inventories by utilizing an optimized network of regional and local warehouses. Get the visibility of your inventory to ensure it is stored securely at the right places to fulfill demand. Meet those off-hours and last minute demands for specialized medical devices. Medgistix provides these solutions customized for medical device manufacturers.

Solutions for manufacturers of medical devices

Medgistix brings the following solutions to durable medical equipment companies

  • Centralized storage and inventory control of medical devices to support on-time deliveries
  • 24/7/365 secure access to device inventories to meet last minute demands
  • Online visibility to your inventories, including part and serial number tracking, so you know who has what and where it is
  • Real time visibility of deliveries enabling you to manage performance and customer service
  • Spare parts in stock to minimize inventories while maximizing device delivery performance

Get a better handle on medical device inventory control, and ensure you have the right devices in the right places to meet last-minute and 24/7/365 delivery demands. You get access to information about inventories and delivery performance in order to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Medgistix brings several years of experience supporting the inventory management and delivery requirements of medical device manufacturers.

Learn more about how medical device manufacturers can get these competitive advantages – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.