Improve Equipment Delivery Performance and Inventory Control

Improve Equipment Delivery Performance and Inventory Control
  • Are you challenged to make timely deliveries during off-hour times?
  • Are you getting the lowest shipping rates from all the various carriers you are using?
  • Do you have enough warehouse space and the right locations to make timely deliveries to your customers?
  • Are you looking to grow your geographic footprint and challenged with getting economical warehouse space to support the growth?

An optimized network of regional and local warehouses can achieve your on-time delivery requirements, and give you the visibility to manage your warehousing and delivery costs. If you are looking to grow, an optimized network of warehouses enables you to enter markets quickly and economically. Medgistix brings these resources to you.

Solutions for maximum delivery performance and growth for DMEs

Comprehensive Logistics Analysis
Medgistix brings the following solutions to durable medical equipment companies

  • 24/7/365 delivery personnel and resources to support demand during both normal and non-traditional delivery times
  • Regional warehouses that provide a centralized warehouse for equipment shipping and tracking – integrated with your local offices
  • Integrated software systems providing delivery confirmation emails to your customers with tracking IDs
  • Ability to leverage shipping discounts from all your carriers
  • Utilization of third-party logistics companies to reduce the cost of local fulfillment

Maximize your on-time delivery performance all hours of the day and night, and do so with optimum levels of inventory. Gain a competitive advantage with improved customer communications. Grow your organization in an economical way. These are the benefits derived from working with Medgistix healthcare delivery and logistics services.

Learn more about how durable medical equipment companies can achieve these benefits – request a comprehensive logistics analysis today.